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Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy [GURUKUL] An ISO-9001 certified company is a pioneer Indian consumer goods company with interests in health care, personal care and ayurvedic products. Over more than a 100 years we have been dedicated to providing nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Foundation.

Our mother institute GURUKUL KANGRI is more than 100 years old .Since primary idea behind foundation of Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy was not meant for business but providing our services to the people associated with GURUKUL KANGRI such as associated personnel, student and working committee of ARYA PRATINIDHI SABHA.
Front Face of Gurukul Hence we just feel like foundation of Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy was led with Gurukul KANGRI itself. Following our basic policies, Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy has emerged as a leading Indian firm. This reputation does not defer us from maintaining the good quality of our products and hence successful in making the people having deep faith in our products. And this legacy has helped us develop a bond of trust with our consumers. That guarantees you the best in all products carrying the Gurukul name.

In these 100 years ,Gurukul KANGRI has gained its reputation in field of Education. Along with it Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy has also broken many boundaries of distance and made a place in heart of people all over India and abroad also. Initially we are famous for our limited products, but when we started production of fake tag heuer several new products , the annual sale of these one combined with old ones just boost up the overall sale of our products. The credit for these achievement goes to our hard working employee and our good Management. They play an important role in this progress.

Under the guidance of following respectable personality ,Pharmacy is leading towards its goal. They are the member of our Industrial Board.

Presently Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy is continuously earning profit under the skillful leadership of Dr. Raj Kumar Rawat is G.M. of Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy. From this profit students of Gurukul Kangri Vidyalaya and Kanya Gurukul, Deharadun gets financial help for their education.

Office Bearers

Name Category
Swami Sharaddhanand Founder,
Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, Haridwar
Shri Mahashay Dharampal ji Managing Director,
Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, Haridwar
Jitender Kumar Pandey General Manager,
Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, Haridwar

It is our constant duty that our working and thinking should be as such that the plant implanted by SWAMI SHARADHHANAND continues providing services to society with its fragrance and shade.

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Gurukul Ayurveda Products • Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India
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